Protecting you is our priority. We work tirelessly to keep your money and identity safe, ALPHA CAPITAL maintains accounts in the main Custodian and Clearing Houses around the world with accounts in local banks in each region of the globe.

Clearing Houses

If you decide to go offshore, your funds will be kept in segregated Clearinghouse accounts.

A clearinghouse is a designated intermediary between a buyer and seller in a financial market. The clearinghouse validates and finalizes the transaction, ensuring that both the buyer and the seller honor their contractual obligations.

  • A clearinghouse or clearing division is an intermediary between a buyer and a seller in a financial market.
  • In acting as the middleman, the clearinghouse provides the security and efficiency that is integral for financial market stability.
  • To mitigate default risk in futures trading, clearinghouses impose margin requirements.

The responsibilities of a clearinghouse include “clearing” or finalizing trades, settling trading accounts, collecting margin payments, regulating delivery of the assets to their new owners, and reporting trading data.

Our main clearings world wide:

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Custodian Banks

  • A custodian is a bank that holds financial assets for safekeeping to minimize the risk of theft or loss.
  • Investment advisors are required to arrange for a custodian for assets they manage for their clients.
  • In modern times, these assets may be stored in physical or electronic form.

ALPHA CAPITAL held relation with several custodians around the world such as: