Modern Brokerage Services

With an in-depth understanding of the world you move in, ALPHA CAPITAL provide modern brokerage services underpinned by a renowned tradition of service. Offering you choice and flexibility in managing your finances, while preserving the personal touch and accessibility you expect from ALPHA CAPITAL.

ALPHA CAPITAL have a world-renowned reputation for a personal approach to private brokerage and wealth management. For more than a decade, we have perfected exceptional service. With an unrivalled appreciation of the intricacies of wealth, we understand both the subtlety and the complexity of the lives our clients lead.

The extensive knowledge of our experienced team enables us to provide our partners with a range of investment ideas tailored to meet our client’s financial objectives and risk tolerances. We have been delighted to be nominated for a variety of awards that reflect our standing in the investment community.

A comprehensive range of investment strategies

An in-depth knowledge of the investment universe across both passive and active strategies, including:

  • alpha-focused portfolios (fixed income, equities, multi-asset),
  • smart beta and factor-based approaches,
  • real assets (real estate, private equity, private debt, infrastructure),
  • advisory and services…

And a unique focus on helping clients make more informed investment decisions by benefitting from ALPHA CAPITAL’s research expertise and insights based on our unparalleled analytical capabilities and presence in the world’s key financial centres.

A client-centric service model

A global client base of over 50 thousand retail, institutional and corporate clients reflects our ability to earn the trust of a wide variety of private and public investors all over the world.

ALPHA CAPITAL relies on its extensive experience and close partnerships with wealth managers, distribution platforms, and retail networks in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America to offer customized products, innovative services and value-added investment advice that best fit retail clients’ needs and risk profiles.

We leverage on our comprehensive expertise and on our research-driven investment culture to provide holistic and objective investment solutions, combined with high quality service, to our institutional and corporate clients worldwide

Global geographic coverage, true client proximity.

The company was established in 2004 to provide services to self-directed investors based in Hong Kong and has 11 branch offices around the globe. As of December 2019, ALPHA CAPITAL reported having 53,328 active customers.

We do held a range of different licensed jurisdictions according to your investment and goals needs and decisions. Our tailor-made solutions allows you to choose between more than 10 jurisdictions to keep your money and your investments safe.

Our home strength Hong Kong has enabled us to grow internationally, and today we have operations established in the five continents in the major cities. We also collaborate with a network of global investment partners, leveraging our shared capabilities to provide greater access to new investment opportunities.